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Here, art of Violet Parr and her bright, happy classmates. She’s in the third row, first on the left. (Obviously).


The cutest cookies I’ve ever seen!

Manjar Cookies



the writing on Friends was ALWAYS perfect. 

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100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark


Here’s a sample:

Teachers Domain: Create a free profile on this site and you will get access to hundreds of lessons with accompanying videos, photos and other media.

Meet Me at the Corner: This site offers students educational programming, book clubs, podcasting lessons and even virtual field trips–all great additions to lessons.

Videos for Personal Development: Check out this site for a listing of some truly great personal development videos that will help your general teaching skills as well as your technological knowledge. While you will find a great deal of video content that can be of use in the classroom, the real wealth of this site lies in the great personal development materials for teachers.

Teacher Tube: On this site, teachers can post their own educational videos and find videos made by others on virtually every topic out there. Visit this site to search through a great collection of educational content.

Edutopia: Sponsored by George Lucas, this site contains some great lesson plans as well as an assortment of lectures and inspiring videos.

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