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Tim Doyle - “Nest of Doors” and “Sweeping the Clouds”

Both inspired by Sesame Street

Part of Doyle’s solo art show “Unreal Estate” at Spoke Art in San Francisco



Berkelouw Book Barn | Berrima


Dualism in Storytelling by Hiroko Matshushita

Hiroko’s accordion fold book reflects the dualistic elements commonly explored within fairytales, such as good vs. evil and old vs. young. She then cleverly illustrated both sides of the long strip of paper with two versions of the same story- one with a happy ending, and the other with an unhappy one.

“The point is that these two stories are connected to each other through holes represented as windows and a mirror, reversing inside and outside, and giving the perspective of different points of view.”

An e-book version of the unhappy ending can be viewed here!

Via teaching literacy.

Think about your own work. Where do you feel most comfortable, and get the most done? I may start out working at a different spot, but quickly discover that I’m just more productive when I’m in my most comfortable one. Kids are like that, too. It’s the reason classroom teachers have created comfortable reading areas for years. It’s also the reason school libraries, for the most part; are still the warmest and most inviting places for every-aged student.

Classrooms as Digital Learning Studios (via world-shaker) Via teaching literacy.


“One day …” by Caterina Baldaro

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